21 August 2018 by Joshua Doherty

European waste bodies back recycled content push

Two bodies representing the EU waste management and recycling industries have backed European Parliament proposals to include at least 25% recycled plastics in new drinks containers by 2025.

In a joint statement, FEAD, the EU’s waste management industry and EuRIC (the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation), said they “fully support” the draft report by the European Parliament which was published last month.

EU politicians support a measure to give manufacturers a requirement to put 25% recycled content in new plastic bottles

Last month, after a request from the European Parliament, the Environment Committee released a draft report looking to “amend the proposal for a Directive […] on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (“Single Use Plastics” Directive).”

The suggested proposals included a mandatory obligation to include 25% recycled plastics in all beverage containers. The report said that such a regulation, which could also apply to the UK, “will encourage the creation of a steady market for recyclates”, and will ensure a more circular use of plastics.

‘Crucial step’

In a joint statement issued this week, a spokesperson described the regulation as a “crucial first step” towards a more circular economy for plastics.

“Designing recyclable packaging items is necessary to facilitate recycling, and a strong signal is needed to boost both the offer of recyclable plastics and the demand of recycled plastics,” the spokesperson said.

They added: “The draft EP proposal to include at least 25% of recycled plastics in beverage containers is a crucial first step in this direction, and we fully support its inclusion in the legal text.”

Prior to the draft report, FEAD and EuRIC, recently issued a statement calling on  EU to take action to broaden the introduction of recycled content mandates for plastic packaging and products containing plastics in general.

The European Parliament draft report had a deadline of September 4 2018 for submissions.


EuRIC describes itself as the umbrella organisation for recycling industries across Europe, with more than 5,000 companies.

FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering 19 Member States, Norway and Serbia. They have an approximate 60% share in the household waste market and handle more than 75% of industrial and commercial waste in Europe.


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