25 April 2019 by Elizabeth Slow

Equipment news round-up (25/04/2019)

With news on: Whitham Mills refurbishes baler; JCB Hydradig for RiverRidge; Crapper invests in shredder; Stockton tackles flytipping with cameras; AMCS secures certification.

JCB Hydradrig drives efficiencies at RiverRidge

A JCB Hydradig 110W Wastemaster is helping RiverRidge – one of the largest independent waste management operators in Northern Ireland – to improve operational efficiency at its materials recovery facility in Maydown, Londonderry.

(l-r) RiverRidge machine operator, Alan McDaid, takes delivery of a new JCB Hydradig Wastemaster from Jeff Haslett of Dennison JCB

Supplied by JCB dealer, Dennison JCB, the Hydradig is being used to undertake a range of core duties, including loading and unloading lorries, sorting waste materials and delivering loads to RiverRidge’s shredders.

At the Maydown site, a range of industrial, domestic and commercial waste is refined and turned into alternative fuels, which are exported by RiverRidge to users across Europe and Scandinavia.

With its engine, tanks and ancillaries located within the chassis, the Hydradig offers excellent visibility, stability, manoeuvrability, mobility and serviceability, according to the firm.

Crapper & Sons invests in shredder

Wiltshire waste management firm Crapper & Sons has invested in a shredding system to process wood waste into biomass fuel.

Crapper & Sons was previously processing wood at its Wootton Bassett headquarters, using one high speed shredder fed by one slow feed shredder. But limited resistance to foreign objects within the waste stream was resulting in “unmanageable” machine breakdowns and operational downtime, the company said.

Crapper & Sons has invested in a XR3000C mobil-e shredder

The company has since invested in a XR3000C mobil-e shredder, which is transforming 30 tonnes of wood waste per annum into a P63-sepcification biomass fuel, with less than 6% <10mm fines. Crappers said it is also generating more than £3,000 of revenue per week from the sale of clean metals extracted directly off the magnet belt.

Commenting on the new investment, operations manager Lee McGlone said: “We’re now manufacturing a higher quality, on-specification biomass fuel, with only one shredder not two, and we’re benefitting from 20% more uptime

“The XR’s low noise and reduced energy consumption of course add to the benefits of the shredder, and its low dust, slower speed electric drive makes our woodyard a far safer place.”

Stockton tackles fly-tipping with camera system

Stockton-on-Tees borough council is using a new pan-tilt-zoom camera system from Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) on its enforcement vehicles to capture litter throwers and fly-tippers.

Marc Stephenson, CFYA operations manager, Stockton Borough Council said: “Changes in legislation now mean that if litter is thrown from a vehicle, we can trace the registration and send out a fixed penalty notice.”

Stephen Perrin, ISS, with Dale Metcalfe, Stockton-on-Tees council, with an enforcement vehicle fitted with the PTZ camera system

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) had already equipped the council’s waste and recycling fleet with reverse radar systems, and installed its RXLite ‘live’ camera systems to 15 community transport vehicles.

The system was trialled on one enforcement vehicle and the resulting footage was used successfully to support a number of prosecutions. Another 3 vehicles have since been equipped with the system and it is expected that the entire fleet of 10 vehicles will carry the PTZ camera by the end of the year.

Mr Stephenson commented: “The cameras enable our operatives to do their job safely, and the software behind it means we can download and interrogate footage easily and securely.  The cameras also provide an additional mobile surveillance asset across the county. We can dial into the camera and view what is happening, at any location at any time.”

AMCS secures certification for FEL weighing system

The AMCS FEL (front end loader) weighing system has been granted EU-type approval by NMO in accordance with measuring instruments regulations 2016.

This European-wide approval is based on VDH (vehicle data hub) and Extensometer technology, within the waste and recycling industry, the company says.

The AMCS front end loader weighing system has been granted EU-type approval by NMO

The AMCS FEL technology, part of the AMCS Vehicle Technology solution, operates dynamically, automatically determining the weight of the loaded bin during the lift process. The lift data is displayed in the on-board computer and transmitted in real-time to back-office software, such as the AMCS Enterprise Management solution.

AMCS says, for its customers, this data provides “valuable insights” to be utilised when processing business information, such as, accurate container pricing and invoicing, customer profitability and revenue leakage analyses.

The AMCS FEL technology supports weights from 100Kg up to 2,000Kg, taking on average 2,000 weight samples both on the up weight and down weight.

Whitham Mills refurbishes baler

The service and maintenance team at Whitham Mills has recently completed a full refurbishment on a GB1111 fully automatic channel baler for Smiths Recycling.

Whitham Mills has completed a full refurbishment on a GB1111 fully automatic channel baler for Smiths Recycling

As well as regular unplanned maintenance, the company said its service department offers full refurbishments on old equipment and can refurbish not just Whitham Mills’ machinery, but other brands too.

Replacing an existing baler with a new one is a big investment, the company says, not only in monetary terms but also downtime. “Refurbishing an existing baler to extend its lifespan sometimes makes more sense to a business that relies upon the operational efficiency of that equipment but does not want the big expenditure that comes with a new baler,” Whitham Mills explains.



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