1 May 2019 by Elizabeth Slow

Equipment news round-up (01/05/2019)

With news on: Machinex revamps optical sorter; Whitham Mills completes installation; PDMR sees results with Impact Air Systems; Doosan excavator wins award.

Machinex unveils ‘revamped’ optical sorter

Machinex has announced that it recently carried out a full design review of the MACH Hyspec optical sorter.

The decision was made to totally revamp the overall appearance of the unit, the company says, and it is therefore “proud to unveil” the new generation MACH Hyspec.

Machinex has unveiled its revamped MACH Hyspec optical sorter

The company said it has responded to detailed communication with its customers to meet their needs. The revised access features result in a “significant 50% saving of the cleaning and maintenance time required,” the company notes, with the added benefit of improving the ergonomic operation and the general safety for the staff.

“We strive to provide innovative equipment design and performance,” says Jonathan Ménard, executive vp sales and strategic positioning at Machinex. “As such, we are constantly focused on the requests and requirements from the industry with safety, maintenance, and operational availability as our core focus.”

The new design includes a built-in platform allowing a standing working position. An internal guard rail system ensures the security of the worker when inside the machine. Both the lighting system and the ejection nozzles bar can move to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. An access ladder has been added to maintain the components accessible from the speed belt conveyor, also installed is a mechanism to easily retract the air tunnel.

To date, 28 units with the new design have been sold to MRFs in Canada and the USA, the company notes. The first machines will be installed this summer.

Whitham Mills completes installation for repeat customer

Manchester-based manufacturer, Whitham Mills, has just completed an installation for repeat customer Russell Richardson – one of the UK’s leading document management and confidential shredding companies based in Sheffield.

Whitham Mills has installed a baler and heavy-duty conveyor system for Russell Richardson

Russell Richardson required an additional baler and a heavy-duty conveyor system to be installed in its new premises. The company recycles and disposes of over 200 tonnes of paper waste on a weekly basis.

The site’s new recycling system consists of a fully automatic GB1108F baler fed by a 1200mm wide rubber belt conveyor as well as a heavy-duty chain conveyor that feeds the shredder which shreds confidential waste. The site can now bale round the clock, the company says, and produce consistent bale weights of over 620kg at a throughput in excess of 11tph.

This is the third baler installation completed by Whitham Mills for Russell Richardson.

Whitham Mills said it is constantly on hand to support Russell Richardson’s baling process after the company signed up to a service and maintenance contract for the next 12 months post installation.

PDMR sees results with Impact Air Systems technology

P&D Materials Recovery (PDMR) Ltd is seeing results with Zigzag separation technology from Impact Air Systems at its purpose-built recycling plant at Chatham Docks.

PDMR Ltd is seeing results with Zigzag separation technology from Impact Air Systems at its Chatham Docks recycling plant

The sorting plant, which began operation in August 2017, was designed to recover glass and metals and RDF/SRF from MRF residue material that otherwise would have been sent to landfill or incineration. It has capacity to process up to 22 tonnes an hour.

The plant commissioning period identified fibre and plastic contamination within the heavy glass fraction, “which affected the commodity value and export availability,” according to the firm.

PDMR Ltd engaged Impact Air Systems to assist with cleaning the glass to achieve a consistent and cost-effective saleable product.

Trials were undertaken at Impact Air Systems’ test facility in Leicester, after which an order was placed in March 2018 for the Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC) 800 model to be installed. By August 2018, the ZAC800 had delivered capital investment by creating a valuable commodity from a negative waste stream, according to Impact Air Systems.

The ZAC800 enables a high hourly throughput and a high-grade quality glass and RDF output. The ZAC800 material recovery system is available as a standalone machine or with a range of options depending on requirements.

Doosan crawler excavator wins LCO award

Doosan has announced that its 30-tonne DX300LC-5 crawler excavator from Doosan has won the EquipmentWatch Lowest Cost of Ownership (LCO) award in the ‘Excavators Crawler Medium’ category for the second year running.

The DX300LC-5 crawler excavator from Doosan has won a Lowest Cost of Ownership award for the second year running

The Lowest Cost of Ownership Awards are based on data regarding the long-term cost of heavy and compact equipment, according to Doosan. They are organised by EquipmentWarch, which specialises in software and insights for the heavy equipment industry.

Nominees are recognised within 15 difference categories of machine that exhibit the lowest cost of ownership over a five-year span.

“Total cost of ownership is one of the most important aspects that buyers take into account when they purchase equipment and the award won again by the DX300LC-5 shows why Doosan equipment is always rated highly for great performance and value-for-money,” the company says. “The award is a further illustration of why Doosan is one of the world’s top construction equipment manufacturers.”


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