12 September 2018 by Steve Eminton

EPR could help fund residual waste treatment, says SUEZ

The UK could go beyond the Circular Economy package already signed with the European Union and go for 100% cost recovery of products under producer responsibility to help pay for residual waste treatment, waste firm SUEZ said today (12 September).

As part of its lobbying work as Defra prepares its Resources and Waste Strategy, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, has produced a report on Extended Producer Responsibility which will be discussed by the author – the company’s technical development director, Stuart Hayward-Higham – at the RWM show today (12 September).

Suez Cornwall

A higher level of producer responsibility could help fund residual waste treatment and litter collection, suggests Suez (pictured: Suez’ Cornwall energy recovery centre

The report suggests that rather than going for 80% cost recovery for obligated products (as agreed under the Circular Economy Package) going for a higher level of payment from producers would help fund waste treatment and also litter collection.

Single scheme

The company also appears to suggest a ‘monolithic’ single producer scheme organisation rather than multiple schemes as this would mean that administration infrastructure would be reduced. The study does not indicate whether this single scheme would take on existing producer responsibility measures in the UK within the batteries, waste electronics, end of life vehicles and packaging.

Suez does not detail what products it would expected in the future to be covered by more Extended Producer Responsibility although it does claim that government is considering introducing schemes for car tyres and mattresses.


Mr Hayward-Higham said: “Designing an extended producer responsibility scheme which is efficient in both cost and delivery, and which therefore minimises passed-on costs to consumers, is essential. We also believe that consumers should be given simple, on-product, information so they can make informed choices about the sustainability of the things they purchase.”


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