5 April 2019 by Will Date

Dutch paper recycler reopens after ‘severe’ fire

A major Dutch paper recycler, Peute Papierrecycling BV, has restarted operations at a site in Dordrecht, following disruption caused by a “severe” fire at the facility this week.

The company has reported that some damage to machinery and equipment was sustained in the fire, which destroyed a building on the site.

Peute Papierrecycling BV says the fire on Monday was ‘severe’ (1 April)

The fire, which has been reported to have involved ‘thousands of tonnes’ of material was detected on Monday night (1 April) in a building containing loose and baled paper and machinery.

Workers on the site began tackling the fire and removed mobile equipment from the building, before fire services attended the scene. No casualties were sustained and the fire has since been extinguished.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, but investigations are taking place in a bid to establish how it began.


Peute, which works with a number of recycling businesses in the UK market, says that its production facility restarted activities shortly afterwards.

In a statement, the company said: “On last Monday 1 April recycling company Peute Recycling based in Dordrecht was hit by a severe fire. Thankfully no casualties have occurred. However the building in which the fire started, containing machinery and equipment, was unfortunately lost.

The site has since been cleared and is now operational

“Thanks to the swift response of the staff and the large, professional deployment of emergency services, larger consequences were prevented. An independent investigation has started into the cause of the fire. Not long after the fire, the production facility restarted its activities.”

The company’s managing director, John van den Heuvel thanked the emergency services and Peute employees for their response to the incident.

He said: “They have done exceptional work, through perfect teamwork and their commitment to our company. They prevented worse. We are very grateful.”


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