14 May 2019 by Joshua Doherty

‘From emissions to leadership’ at Letsrecycle Live

As excitement continues to mount for the inaugural Letsrecycle Live trade show, which takes place over the 22-23 May, we provide an overview of the key discussions taking place during the two days. The venue is Stoneleigh Park, Coventry CV8 2LG.

Talks and presentations ranging from emissions to leadership, will be split across three theatres: The Keynote Conference Theatre, sponsored by Suez UK, the Materials Village Theatre, sponsored by Wastepack, and the Local Authority Theatre, sponsored by MGB & Straight Manufacturing.

Arguably, the standout session in the Keynote theatre is the ‘Leaders in Resource Management’  discussion, which takes place at midday on the first day of the conference.

A floor map of the event (click to enlarge)


The session, which will be chaired by Jacob Hayler from the Environmental Services Association, will see top level input from  Biffa, Suez, Veolia and Viridor as to the industry’s hottest topics.

Expect this session to be very busy, so do be sure to get there early to ensure you’re sat comfortably to see David Palmer-Jones, Michael Topham, Richard Kirkman and Phil Piddington tackle key industry issues.

Women in Waste

Another stand-out discussion in the Keynote Theatre will be the ‘Women in Waste Event’ which begins at 09:00 on day two. Women in Waste is sponsored by Suez UK and supported by the Women’s Recycling Alliance. The event will take the form of a breakfast meeting at 9am on the morning of the 23rd of May in Letsrecycle Live’s Suez UK Theatre. Coffees and breakfast will be provided, and the meeting will last for an hour and a half, divided into three sessions.

The first seminar, ‘The Changing Face of Waste’ will look at what has been done to improve gender equality in the workplace and the next steps for the sector, followed by a 40-minute case study and discussion, ‘Flexible Work: Best for Business,’ which will explain why business owners should be retaining and encouraging women to stay and progress.

The final session, ‘Your Steps to Diversity Success’ will provide practical and professional development by equipping women with the essential tools to build their confidence and put themselves forward in the workplace.

The meeting will be opened by Sarah Sanpher-McDowell, development director at Clearpoint Recycling and founder of the Women’s Recycling Alliance.


The subject of vehicle emissions continues to be high on national agendas and a must-see talk at the show is undoubtedly Low Emission Fleets & Collections, which takes place at 11:30 at the Local Authority Theatre, sponsored by MGB & Straight Manufacturing.

The session, chaired by Will Date of letsrecycle.com, will see three people in the field give their expertise on the issue.

This includes Brian Robinson, commercial vehicle emissions consultant at LOWCVP, who will discuss how to retrofit HGVs. This will be followed by Paul Wilkes, business services manager at FORS, who will discuss the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, and Brian Mayne, regional director of Ricardo Energy and Environment, who will talk about transitioning to a Fleet of Electric Vehicles.

The Local Authority Theatre by delegates from across the UK who have been supported in attending through an educational bursary scheme provided by FCC Environment.


The hazardous waste wood discussion will discuss hazardous wood classification, which has dominated discussions in the sector recently

The Materials Village Conference Theatre which will be focusing on a range of different material streams and related topics throughout the two days.

One of the most eagerly anticipated sessions here is taking place at 13:15 on Day 1, where the leading figures in the waste wood industry will discuss the development of the classification plan and the impact on end users.

Andy Hill chair of the Wood Recyclers Association will kick off the talks, and he will be followed by Richard Coulson, Biomass Procurement Manager at RWE, and Vicki Hughes, group business development director, Hadfield Wood Recyclers (now ENVA Wood Recycling).

This has been one of the biggest issues facing the sector in recent times, and is bound to be one of the most must-see talks of the year.


Letsrecycle Live is the only event that showcases the latest industry developments, opportunities and equipment in a LIVE environment. You can register for your free ticket here. 

For full location details, click here.


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