28 August 2012

Directory launched to boost confidence in aggregates

An online directory has been launched in Scotland listing producers of recycled aggregates which meet material quality protocols, aiming to boost confidence among buyers of the material.

The directory, launched on Friday (August 24) has been compiled by Zero Waste Scotland, will list aggregate producers whose products meet WRAPs aggregates Quality Protocol. This allows producers to demonstrate that their material is no longer a waste, and matches the quality of natural aggregates.

Zero Waste Scotland hopes to boost the amount of construction waste recycled to create aggregates

Zero Waste Scotland hopes to boost the amount of construction waste recycled to create aggregates

Recycled aggregates that do not meet the Quality Protocol will remain subject to waste management regulations.


Crushing and screening waste concrete, brick and asphalt from construction and demolition to produce aggregates is standard practice in Scotland, with the material then being used in applications such as road building.

Iain Gulland, director of Zero Waste Scotland, said: The progress made by Scotlands construction industry to increase reuse and recycling is commendable. In 2010, it is estimated that the industry produced six million tonnes of waste, and that around 80% was recycled.

Recycled aggregates are a major contributor to this total, providing savings to the industry on both disposal costs and aggregate procurement. However, it is essential that the quality of aggregate being produced and sold to customers meets industry specifications and its use complies with waste management regulations.

This directory has been developed to ensure buyers of aggregate can feel confident about the quality of material they buy, and to promote recycling services which are available to the construction industry.


Zero Waste Scotland also hopes that the directory will showcase best practice among producers of recycled aggregates and will see an increase in the amount of material that is diverted from landfilled.

John Doyle, area recycling manager from aggregate producer Tarmac, said: The Recycled Aggregate Supplier Directory is a welcome new tool, and we as a major national company are delighted to be involved in it from a very early stage.

Commenting on the directory, Andy Sullivan, senior policy officer at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), said: This great new tool will offer clients and contractors reassurance that the site they have chosen is capable of producing the right quality of recycled aggregates. We need to recycle more and more of our waste and hopefully this directory will increase the demand for recycled aggregate, getting us above the 80% we managed in 2010.


Following the launch of the directory, Zero Waste Scotland has today (August 28) announced that 500,000 of funding has been made available to improve on-the-go recycling facilities at public locations across the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Richard Lochhead, said: Being able to recycle more when we are out and about is another important step towards treating all our waste as valuable resource. Plastic bottles, separated for recycling, can be sold for over 190 per tonne for example but recyclable materials are worth nothing when disposed of in bins destined for landfill.

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