15 February 2021 by Robyn White

Councils consult on replacement HWRCs  

Consultations for replacement household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) are underway at Lincolnshire and Suffolk county councils. 

Lincolnshire county council will consider proposals for a £2 million HWRC in Tattershall, Horncastle, which could reportedly save the council up to £287,000 a year if approved.

In a report, set to go before members of the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee this month, members are asked to approve the construction of the HWRC, as an existing site in the area is due to be decommissioned later this year.

FCC Environment, which runs the existing site, has an agreement with the council to maintain operations until the end of 2021.

It is estimated that the HWRC will initially cost £1.95 million to build, and £138,000-£192,000 a year to operate. And, the report suggests that there could be additional savings reaching £287,000 per year if it was to be run in-house.

‘Highly valued’

According to the report, failure to replace the existing HWRC in Horncastle will create “significant repetitional damage” for the local authority with the public and its partners.

The report argues that there is also the option to not replace the site, which would save £1.95m in total, however it would leave the residents of Horncastle without a HWRC. However, councils are advised:“If a site is not provided, residents of the Horncastle area will have to travel further distance to dispose of their household waste, which will increase damage to the environment through longer car journeys.”


At the proposed Suffolk HWRC, residents will dispose of waste on a raised mezzanine platform

Suffolk county council has also launched a consultation to replace its Chalkstone Way HWRC, run by FCC Environment.

The council and FCC Environment are proposing to move the HWRC to a location occupied by a waste transfer station at Homefields Road, in Haverhill.

According to FCC Environment, the replacement HWRC would overcome “increasing demand” at the existing site.

The HWRC plans include a raised mezzanine platform to provide residents with an elevated position from which to safely dispose of waste, removing the need for steps.

The layout will allow visitors to access clearly marked recycling bays, and introduce “greater separation” between public vehicles and large operational vehicles.

It will also be expected to reduce queuing and remove the need for the site to be closed to the public while the large recycling containers are emptied and serviced.


The pre-planning consultation period for the plans will run until 28 February 2021. It is expected that planning applications for the Haverhill site will be submitted in Spring.

Cllr Peter Stevens, cabinet member for operations at West Suffolk council said that the new facility would be a “welcome improvement” in Haverhill’s infrastructure.

He continued: “It promises a very different experience which I hope will encourage more recycling of valuable resources that would otherwise be lost.  I encourage residents to have a look on the Suffolk Recycling website to find out more.”


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