9 February 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Cornwall progresses collections rethink

Cornwall council has unanimously approved to progress its draft Household Resources & Waste strategy to a public consultation.

The strategy will aim to “replicate best practice of other similar local authorities”.

The strategy will aim to “replicate best practice of other similar local authorities”

Cornwall currently has a 24.7% kerbside recycling rate, with a fortnightly collection of recycling, which is split into five bins of glass, paper, plastic, cards and cans. Residual black bag waste is collected weekly. The current kerbside collection contract expires at the end of March 2020 and is held by Biffa, which took on the work after acquiring Cory’s collection division which originally held the contract.

The report stated that in the future Cornwall will need to maximise the benefits from contracts through reducing the volume of waste collected from the kerbside and deposited at Household Waste Recycling Centres.

It put forward proposals to collect and publish waste data at a local (town, parish and qard) level, and to develop new projects that target the reduction of household waste in areas where volumes of waste are higher than on average in Cornwall. And, it will undertake targeted communications to reduce waste.

There was also a pledge to develop new re-use facilities and ensure that all new contracts “actively encourage and promote re-use activities”.

“Future waste contract(s) will need to be both affordable and deliver the aims and aspirations of the Council in reducing waste and increasing recycling and composting”, the strategy added.

Amendments are to be agreed by the Portfolio Holder in consultation with the Strategic Director before being recommended to the full Council in April 2018.

Prior Information Notice

Earlier this month, the council issued prior information notice for the contract, which will start on April 1 next year.

Earlier this month, the council issued a prior information notice on the contract which will start next year

The notice for the contract explained that the authority is working on a “major programme” for the commissioning of future waste and recycling collection throughout Cornwall that will deliver a “cost effective and enhanced performance contract in line with objectives for reducing waste and increasing recycling rates.”

It is envisaged this contract will have an initial term of 8 years with provision to extend by a further 2 years.

Separately, on the residual waste side, Cornwall county council entered into a long-term Integrated Waste Management Contract with Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd in 2006. This contract, which is delivered by Suez UK, will run until 2039. It includes the management of all Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Cornwall, as well as the management of the two Materials Recovery Facilities (Pool and Bodmin)


The vote earlier this week also delegated the Portfolio Holder the responsibility to determine the containment options (e.g. recycling bags, boxes, wheeled bins, etc.) which were to be specified within the procurement process for the next contract. This will also include frequency.

The portfolio holder is Lib-Dem councillor Sue James, who compiled the strategy and is on the Environment and Public Protection council board.


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