Coral Products unveils recycling box system

Merseyside-based Coral Products (Mouldings) has unveiled a recycling box system which it says can significantly increase the quality of material collected from the kerbside.

At a meeting on Friday (July 19) at its plastics recycling facility on the Haydock Industrial site, the company unveiled its ‘Multi Box Recycling System’ (MBRS) to representatives from local authorities, industry and the local area.

Councillors from St Helens were at the event to see the bin being unveiled (L-R) Cllr Lynn Clarke, Cllr David Baines, Mick Wood, Steven Cranswick and Cllr Paul Sanderson

The MBRS will be officially rolled-out in January 2020 to two councils who have already pre-ordered the box system.

Coral Products explained that the MBRS has a similar footprint to a 240-litre wheeled bin. It can be split into from three to six compartments in line with the recycling materials that the local authority wishes residents to collect in a sorted approach.


The system is said to keep material separate and dry and also allows the crews to wheel the MBRS to the collection vehicle, reducing the need for carrying, and then making it straightforward to empty the relevant material in to the relevant section of a Romaquip or similar vehicle. Plans are also in the pipeline to introduce the product in different sizes.

Speaking at the launch event Mick Wood, chief executive of Coral Products, said he was pleased to unveil the products as a 3D printing, and “can’t wait until the MBRS is officially made next year”.

“We’ve come a long way with this product. It will be manufactured here at our Haydock facility and will be 100% recyclable, so it can be brought back here, shredded and turned into another product.

“As recycling adapts and higher targets are imposed, it is this kind of innovation which will enable councils who are not already hitting those targets, to do so. Our product moves on from what is out there in the market at the moment.”


The company has said it hopes to eventually spread this product to councils across the UK, and hopes it will help “support further growth” at their manufacturing facility in Haydock.

You can listen to Mick Wood, CEO of Coral Product (Mouldings) in an interview next to the container, below.

Meanwhile in front of local councillors and stakeholders, Steve Cranswick, international account manager at the company, claimed that the bin has the ability to revolutionise the way waste is collected.

“When people talk about waste, you immediately think of it as a cost. This is the case for poor quality material, however the fact this enables a multi-box collection system, while only using the space of one wheelie bin, enables residents to separate their materials much easier, turning valuable materials from waste into resources for future products and reducing cost,” he explained.

Mr Cranswick continued: “As this product moves forward, we can make different size of bins very easily, with a number of different compartments based on individual customer needs. This can then be brought back to the facility here and used again.”

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