8 May 2019

Construction sector urged to heed Duty of Care warning

The waste industry-led ‘Right Waste Right Place’ campaign is working alongside the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to raise awareness of Duty of Care obligations among construction sector SMEs.

Right Waste Right Place, which is overseen by the Environmental Services Association (ESA), has been running since 2016 to raise awareness among businesses of their legal responsibilities in disposing of waste.

Businesses in the construction sector are being urged to understand their obligations regarding waste

The campaign’s organisers have suggested that many businesses across the UK are unaware of their Duty of Care around what to do with their waste.

According to research conducted on behalf of the campaign, as many as half of construction sector businesses may be breaching waste legislation, by not meeting their Duty of Care around waste they produce, largely due to a lack of knowledge of the requirements.


Common areas of non-compliance include failing to determine if waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, whether waste needs to be presented separately and correct storage of materials prior to collection.

The campaign is now working with FSB to seek to address this issue. This will include running a series of free to attend events to highlight requirements relating to Duty of Care.

Sam Corp, Right Waste, Right Place commented: “Owners of SME construction businesses are expected to be an expert in everything – and waste law is no exception. Joining forces with FSB will help us to reach a vast network of SME businesses and so provide a helping hand to all those diligent company owners or sole traders who do not want to leave themselves open to risk.

“Crucially, these events and the ‘Right Waste Right Place campaign do this in a simple and accessible way and we hope businesses find our resources useful when they’re making everyday decisions about their waste.”

Allen Creedy, environment policy chair at the FSB, said: “Our members want to run their businesses in ways which; minimises the waste they produce, uses resources from sustainable sources, supports the circular economy – these seminars will be a great opportunity for our members to conserve natural resources, save costs and understand their legal obligations and best practice.”

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