11 January 2019 by Elizabeth Slow

Companies vie for Essex organic waste work

Essex county council and Southend-on-Sea borough council have taken steps forward in the award of contracts to handle garden and food waste worth up to £32 million.

Nine companies have been appointed to a framework of providers for the contracts, which cover bio-waste treatment, transfer and transport services, and are split into four lots.

The appointed companies are not guaranteed any work, but have secured the “right to bid” in a future mini-competition process to provide services to ECC within the lots they have been appointed to.


The largest lot is for receipt and treatment of green garden waste, worth £11.4 million –involving around 330,000 tonnes of material over four years. A group of companies made up of Biogen (UK) Ltd, FCC Waste Services (UK) Ltd, Material Change Composting Ltd, Birch Airfield Composting Services Ltd, and Veolia ES (UK) Ltd have been appointed as providers.

A lot for receipt and treatment of separately collected food waste worth £3.4 million has been has been appointed to Biogen (UK) Ltd, Agrivert Group Ltd, East London Biogas Ltd and Refood UK Ltd. This lot involves approximately 135,000 tonnes over four years.

A third lot for receipt and treatment “of any combination of green garden waste and food waste” has been secured by Biogen (UK) Ltd, Agrivert Group Ltd and Envar Composting Ltd. This lot involves around 187,000 tonnes over four years.

And, the final lot for receipt, bulk and transport of municipal bio-waste has been awarded to James Waste Management and Hadleigh Salvage Recycling Ltd.

The framework lasts from December 2018 to December 2022. All of the suppliers on the previous framework who chose to bid for the new framework were successful, Essex county council confirmed. Two new companies were also successful – East London Biogas and ReFood Ltd.


Commenting on the announcement, Cllr Simon Walsh, Essex county council’s cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “We are delighted to have appointed a number of highly qualified companies to our recently refreshed bio-waste framework.

Biogen’s Halstead anaerobic digestion plant in Essex is one facility that could be used as part of the framework contract

“Recycling organic waste is not only a great way to increase the amount of recycling people can do at home, but also a way of protecting the environment. We look forward to working with these suppliers going forward to ensure that organic waste collected from Essex is managed in the most appropriate way.”

When contacted by letsrecycle.com, Iain Pickles, head of sales at Biogen – which was appointed to the framework for three lots – said: “We are delighted to have been appointed onto the framework with Essex county council. This appointment provides us with the opportunity to continue our partnership with the Essex and Southend councils and offer residents a cost-effective and high quality service for the management of their biowastes through our network of anaerobic digestion and composting facilities.”

The value and duration of each contract will be published as part of any mini competition procedure, the council says. Any guaranteed minimum tonnage of any service order will be advised at the point of award of the service order. Service orders may be extended by up to 18 months at the authority’s option.


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