15 December 2000

Christmas-style opening for education centre at Rockware glassworks

The Bard of Barnsley and children's poet Ian McMillan, joined Father Christmas and children from Darrington Primary School this week to mark the opening of the UK’s first glass recycling education centre.

The centre, built alongside the Knottingley factory of glass-packaging manufacturer, Rockware Glass is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils (7-11 year-olds) throughout Yorkshire and neighbouring counties. Its designers believe that it will improve understanding of the benefits of glass recycling and help to instil in young people the need to use and recycle sustainable materials in the future.

The official opening of the Centre, will also be used by Rockware as an opportunity to remind all people to recycle their bottles and jars over the Christmas period. Under the theme “Christmas Forever” the event will show that with some common sense, the indulgence over Christmas can be used to provide valuable resources for the rest of the year. /photos/Glass.JPG

Facilities include a range of interactive and classroom learning material. Visitors will see Europe’s most modern treatment plant for used glass containers, opened in June 2000, from a special viewing platform. They will also be able to tour the glass making plant.

Andy Hartley, marketing manager for Rockware, said: “Glass recycling is a very good example of a successful environmental programme. Glass is unique among packaging materials in that it can be 100% recycled without any loss in its highly prized qualities of purity and clarity. At the same time glass recycling delivers energy savings, reduced consumption of raw materials, reduced emissions and reduced waste going to hard pressed landfill sites.

Details of visits can be obtained from Glenn Strachan at the Earth Centre on 01709 513 920.

To read CHRISTMAS FOREVER, written by Ian McMillan to mark the opening of the glass education centre, please visit page 2.


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