9 June 2017 by Elizabeth Slow

Carlisle council to introduce ‘improved’ recycling service

Carlisle city council is set to introduce its ‘new and improved’ refuse and recycling service next week (12 June).

The council is extending its kerbside recycling service to more properties and has asked residents to change the way they sort their recycling.

recycling service

The council’s guide for residents on ‘how to recycle’

The service change will see the majority of residents across Carlisle put their bins and bags out for collection on the same day each week, which the council said will help reduce the potential for confusion. The currently separate green box and green bag collection services will be combined.

The council will introduce an alternate weekly collection to ‘reduce clutter’ on the street, with refuse bin and garden bin collected one week, and recycling bags and boxes the next.

From next week residents will also be able to place cartons in their green bag for collection at the kerbside with their paper and card.

The council highlighted the need for a change to service and said that currently, 1,200 properties with gardens do not receive garden waste collections; 6,000 do not receive plastic and card; and 3,000 households do not receive a green box.

According to the council, the contract for the green box collection, which was operated by FCC, ended in February. From March the service has been provided by the authority, with staff from FCC transferring under TUPE.

When contacted by letsrecycle.com, a Carlisle city council spokesperson said: “We want as many residential properties as possible to receive a kerbside recycling collection, where it is safe and practical to do so. A full re-structure of all rounds for refuse, recycling and garden waste has been undertaken to re-balance the workloads and to improve service efficiency.

recycling service

Carlisle council is set to introduce its ‘new and improved’ refuse and recycling service next week (Picture: Shutterstock)

“We have combined the green bag and green box services and extended this to include more properties. The majority of properties will now have their refuse and garden waste bins collected on one day and their recycling the same day of the following week. Residents will be asked to sort their recycling slightly differently but will still be able to use their existing boxes and bags.”


To facilitate the change to service, the council invested in four new 50/50 split-back recycling vehicles which arrived in February and are in service now. A further new refuse collection vehicle also arrived in February with another three scheduled for delivery this week.

Carlisle council said these vehicles will replace existing older vehicles and provide improved access in to streets and residential areas.

According to the council’s website, plastics are sent to a reprocessor where they are recycled into products – depending on type – including “watering cans, garden furniture and sleeping bag stuffing”.

The greenbox paper is collected and taken to the FOCSA depot in Carlisle for selling to reprocessors. Glass from the green boxes is taken to British Glass in Alloa, Scotland for reprocessing, where it is either “turned into a number of products, added to tarmac or remoulded into new glass bottles or jars”.

Garden waste is taken to the council’s composting site at Hespin Wood, where it is shredded to produce compost that is sold wholesale to DIY stores.

The council has organised a number of ‘recycling roadshows’ which residents can attend to find out more about the improvements to the services.

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