23 October 2000

Call for standard green labelling to help consumers

Standard labelling for cars, homes and domestic equipment could make
buying green much easier, a new report confirms today.

A &#39fa;mily' of graded performance labels would allow consumers to choose
purchases which were the most – and the least – energy efficient, said the
Advisory Committee on Consumer Products and the Environment (ACCPE) says in
its first report. This would be the first move of this type in Europe.

Homes, cars and domestic equipment are among the largest single purchases
consumers make, accounting for about one third of household spending, if
adopted. They also account for 90% of household emissions of CO2, a
greenhouse gas.

And new research published today by the DETR and the Society of Motor
Manufacturers and Traders supports the call for energy efficiency labelling
of cars which would allow consumers to buy more fuel efficient vehicles.

ACCPE also called on the Government to set up a dedicated web-site to help
consumers find out more about the environmental effects of products and to
compare different products.


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