18 December 2000

Aylesford paper machine sets two records for production and efficiency

Aylesford Newsprint has reported that it has established a new mill speed record, achieving 1,666 metres per minute, compared to its previous best of 1,655.

And, the company has also set a new world record for newsprint production efficiency according to internationally recognised measurements. The previous record was held by a French mill and Aylesford achieved 1,076 kilograms per centimetre per day.

The record-breaking performance was achieved on Aylesford’s PM14 papermaking machine, installed in 1995 as part of a 250 million expansion scheme.

Aylesford manufactures the “Renaissance” premium grade newsprint for European newspaper publishers. The company recycles 500,000 tonnes of used newspapers and magazines a year and makes 400,000 tonnes of newsprint.
300,000 tonnes of the newsprint is made on the PM14 machine.

The company is a joint venture between SCA Forest Products and Mondi Europe.


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