6 December 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Andusia signs ‘plastic reduced’ RDF deal

Andusia has signed a contract to supply a plant in Denmark with 15,000 tonnes per year of ‘plastic reduced’ refuse derived fuel (RDF), one of two deals the company announced this week.

The Copenhill plant in Denmark where the RDF will be processed

The plastics reduced RDF contract will see Andusia supply Danish waste firm ARC (Amager Ressourcecenter) with the tonnage for their combined heat and power plant in Copenhagen.

The second deal announced this week was for Andusia’s hazardous waste arm, which signed an agreement for the supply of clinical waste to SWS (Special Waste System) in Denmark.

Plastic reduced

Plastic reduced RDF was once known in the industry as ‘Just RDF’, and is also referred to as Low Carbon Waste or LCW.

Andusia said that in recent months the level of plastics in RDF loads has increased as a result of tightening export markets.

Plastic reduced RDF is sourced from a range of facilities which are able to remove plastics, including ‘high quality’ local authority MRFs and facilities run by waste management firms.

ARC’s Copenhill in Denmark provides electricity and district heating to the greater Copenhagen area, and last year it produced enough district heat to supply 72,000 households and enough electricity to supply 30,000 households.

Clinical waste

SWS is a high temperature waste treatment plant, based in North Falster, Denmark

The second contract announced this week by Andusia will see it supply 1,000 tonnes of hazardous waste per annum to SWS (Special Waste System) in Denmark.

SWS is a high temperature waste treatment plant, based in North Falster, Denmark, processing approximately 6,000 tonnes of hazardous waste per annum.

The plant provides district heating to the local area in Nørre Alslev city.

Originally, SWS was formed to handle and destroy infectious clinical waste from hospitals, clinics and veterinarians. Since then, the company has evolved to handle and dispose of most types of hazardous waste, including PCBs and medicines.

The export contracts will be fulfilled by two UK clinical waste producers.

This comes after the company moved into the hazardous waste market in December 2018, and appointed Fraser Cutting as manager of Andusia Hazchem Treatment.

Mr Cutting said: “We are delighted to have begun our move into the hazardous waste market working alongside respected and experienced UK clinical waste producers. As one of the UK’s biggest independent exporters of waste, we are also looking forward to entering into a prosperous relationship with long-standing SWS”.


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