21 August 2018 by Elizabeth Slow

Amey pursues safety with FEL vehicle

Amey has unveiled its new front end loading (FEL) waste collection vehicle, which the company says, will improve safety for workers and other road users, as well as increasing collection efficiency.

In the vehicle, the driver can control the approach and emptying operation using a joystick and infrared technology from inside the cab. This reduces the risk to operatives and eliminates “any direct contact with waste materials,” the firm reports.

Amey has unveiled its front end loading waste collection vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs Tridem – a 32-tonne, 38m³ frontpress RCV – will be operating as part of Amey’s commercial waste collection fleet in Cambridgeshire.

Due to its large storage compartment capacity, it is suited to collecting large volumes of solid waste in commercial environments, Amey explains.


Jon Callaghan, business director at Amey, said: “Investing in new fleet and vehicle technological advances ensures that we are delivering the most efficient and effective service for our clients.

According to Mr Callaghan, the vehicle is part of a £12 million investment the company has made in its fleet. “This vehicle not only reduces the risk of harm to our people but also enables us to service larger commercial waste businesses,” he added.

“This vehicle not only reduces the risk of harm to our people but also enables us to service larger commercial waste businesses.”

Jon Callaghan

“The on-board weighing system records the weight of each container, automatically sending that information back to our data management system. This enables us to provide our commercial clients with accurate data for their waste management records.”

The RCV – and others in Amey’s fleet across the UK – has the latest cycle safety equipment, Amey says. This means that drivers receive an audible warning if a cyclist or pedestrian is attempting to pass between the vehicle and the kerb.


“From the cyclists’ perspective, there are clear eye-level cyclist hazard lights, along with an audible ‘turning left’ warning sound and white noise reverse alarm,” Amey says. “The vehicle also has LED flashing lights at the front, back and sides as standard.”

The company claims this technology also helps by “reducing minor incidents and insurance claims and therefore offering cost benefits to Amey and its clients”.

The next phase is to swap out all rear operating vehicles in Cambridgeshire to front loading over the course of the next 12 months.


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