10 September 2018 by Will Date

Agency lifts suspension on plastic packaging waste exporter

The Environment Agency has reinstated the accreditation for plastic recycler and exporter J & A Young under the PRN system, it has confirmed today.

This comes just three days after the Agency had stated that it had suspended the exporter accreditation for the company, prohibiting it from issuing packaging recycling ‘evidence’ on any material exported for processing. Full details of the reason for the suspension have yet to emerge.

Jayplas’ site at Corby, Northamptonshire

Accreditation is important under the packaging waste system as it means that exporters of packaging waste, such as plastics for recycling, are eligible to raise export PRNs which can be sold as evidence of recycling under the UK’s PRN packaging waste system.


On Friday, the Agency confirmed that it had suspended the export accreditation for J. & A. Young (Leicestershire) Ltd (see letsrecycle.com story), stating that “evidence may not be issued on packaging exported during a period of suspension.”

However, in a subsequent notice issued today (10 September), the Agency confirmed that the suspension no longer applies.

J. & A. Young – commonly known as Jayplas – is considered a major plastics reprocessor within the packaging recycling sector.

As well as being active in the export of materials to overseas markets, the company has significant operations in the UK, with reprocessing sites in Loughborough, Corby and Grimsby.


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