International Sunday 19 May 2019
5 September 2018

BIR calls for official recognition of Global Recycling Day  

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) today stepped up their efforts to have Global Recycling Day recognised as an official United Nations day. [caption id="...




31 May 2016

Vella pledges EU action on food waste


The EU’s Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella has promised action to tackle food waste across Europe, including a common methodology for measuring food waste, to be adopted by Member States. Speaking at a conference ...

25 April 2016

UK lecturer steps into clothing export debate


A senior Huddersfield University lecturer has accused the western world of flooding the East African country of Tanzania with discarded clothes and is hoping to revive a vibrant clothing industry in Tanzania. The criticism of...

31 March 2016

Grundon sets sights on international expansion


Grundon Waste Management is to expand its operations to the Middle East and Africa – at a time when the company claims opportunities in the UK and Europe are “sorely lacking”. The Oxfordshire-based waste business has signed ...

18 March 2016

Demand for UK RDF ‘would continue’ in event of Brexit


Demand for UK refuse derived fuel (RDF) exports to fill up incinerator capacity in Europe is likely to continue even if Britain leaves the European Union in June, waste experts have suggested. During a waste industry debate in...

17 March 2016

News in Brief (17/03/2016)


With news of: Dutch inspection firm opens UK office; Prosiect Gwyrdd fund; Cromwell sacks contract; William Tracey contracts, and; Biffa cleans up.

7 March 2016

UK and North Sea countries agree bottom ash trade deal


EXCLUSIVE: An international voluntary agreement has been struck between the UK, France, Flanders and the Netherlands designed to stimulate international trading of secondary resources left over after waste incineration, such as incinerator ...

3 March 2016

Stewart set for Brussels Circular Economy talks


Resource and recycling minister Rory Stewart is to attend the first meeting of environment ministers in Brussels where the European Commission’s Circular Economy proposals will be discussed. The MP for Penrith and the Border...

28 January 2016

Untha launches mobile waste shredder


Machinery manufacturer Untha has launched an electrically-driven mobile waste shredder, which the company claims is the first of its kind in the world. The XR mobil-e has the same design features as Untha’s static XR shredder, ...

7 December 2015

BIR calls for recognition of recycling at Paris climate talks


Recycling and waste management provides environmental benefits and huge potential in the fights against climate change in the framework of the Paris climate change conference, a recycling association president has said. This ...

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