Enva opens ash recycling plant in Scotland

Waste management company Enva has opened a 20,000 tonnes per year capacity ash recycling facility in Paisley, Scotland.

Enva ash recycling
(l-r) Les Spiteri (Laplace Solutions), Scott Newport (Enva), Mhairi Black (MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South), Michelle Scott (Enva), Laurie Clark (ASCH), John Stewart (ASCH), Mags MacLaren (ward councillor, Paisley Northwest)

The plant, which Enva says cost £1.5 million, will treat fly ash from biomass and energy from waste (EfW) facilities which otherwise would be “destined for hazardous landfill sites”.

The plant will wash the ash and remove contaminants, before combining it with other materials to create a form of concrete.

The facility is being delivered in partnership with Anglo Scottish Concrete Holdings (ASCH), a concrete and aggregate supply firm. Ash will be supplied under contract from a mixture of Enva’s facilities and external contracts.

Mhairi Black, Scottish National Party MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, opened the facility today (29 June).

She said: “Enva’s ash recycling plant showcases how Scottish businesses are innovating and driving the development of the circular economy.

“In addition to the clear environmental benefits, investment in these sustainable technologies creates jobs and helps to support local economies.

“This is only the start of the journey and I look forward to seeing how this exciting facility develops over the coming months and years.”


Enva says it recently received confirmation from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) that it has upgraded the classification of recycled aggregate from a ‘deregulated material’ to full ‘end of waste’ status. “Significantly, this helps to market and position the product alongside its virgin counterparts,” Enva said.

In parallel, Enva is also working closely with local construction companies to supply a new sand replacement product for several applications which it says will further help to reduce the carbon footprint from quarried materials and their transportation.

The environmental benefits of recycling fly ash are compelling

 – Tom Walsh, CEO, Enva

Enva’s CEO, Tom Walsh, said: “The environmental benefits of recycling fly ash are compelling. Every tonne of recycled aggregate produced by this plant reduces demand for quarried materials by the same amount and working with ASCH can offset 200-300kg of virgin material in every tonne of concrete manufactured.

“In addition to the clear benefits of reducing waste to landfill the use of this recycled product enables construction companies to utilise secondary resources with comparable characteristics and qualities to those of virgin materials.

“Providing a solution that manages waste near to its point of production also has clear benefits. Reducing the associated haulage has saved an estimated 950,000kg of CO2.”

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