Councils Saturday 22 February 2020
19 February 2020

Merseyside councils to vote on food collections

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) is to put the decision on a Liverpool-wide food waste collection service to the city’s district waste collection authorities. Options for the adoption of a weekly food waste ...


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16 December 2019

Lewisham unveils £1.4 million recycling plan


Lewisham council has unveiled a £1.4 million ‘recycling and reduction plan’, as part of efforts to meet the London mayor’s 50% recycling target by 2025. The standout measure of the plan will see the council – which ...

13 December 2019

Shadow waste and recycling minister loses seat


On a torrid night for Labour, Sandy Martin, who had been the party’s shadow waste and recycling minister, lost his seat in Ipswich. Labour now looks set to reshape its waste and environment team in the wake of a series of ...

11 December 2019

Comms experts told ‘make resources the new normal’


Modernising the public’s view of recycling is an important way to boost community engagement, according to the opening speaker at the annual Communications Conference for the waste and recycling sector.  The message came from ...

11 December 2019

Tower Hamlets works towards in-house service


"Extensive preparations" are underway as the London borough of Tower Hamlets prepares to take its waste and recycling services in-house, after its existing contract with Veolia expires in April 2020. The decision to bring the ...

11 December 2019

J&B wins North Tyneside council contract


North Tyneside council has awarded a £3 million contract to J&B Recycling to process kerbside recyclable waste. The two-year deal, which began in October, will see J&B processing 17,000 tonnes-a-year of separately ...

10 December 2019

LWARB flats project sees recycling rise


Changes in the way recycling banks are managed and promoted have enhanced recycling rates in a housing association development in London by 26%. The jump in recycling has been reported by LWARB – the London ...

10 December 2019

Christmas recycling preparations ramped up


Councils and waste management bodies are ramping up their Christmas preparations, with many announcing changes to collections and issuing advice on what to recycle over the festive period. In Oxfordshire, for example, the county ...

9 December 2019

Labour tops Friends of the Earth test


Friends of the Earth has said that Labour’s manifesto pledges–  along with additional promises it has made – score best on “tackling the climate emergency” when marked against the group’s own manifesto. However the ...

9 December 2019

West Sussex to scrap recycling credits


West Sussex county council will scrap recycling credits next year because they “haven’t driven any significant improvement in recycling performance”. This is despite more than £40 million being spent since they were ...