News Wednesday 16 June 2021
16 June 2021

Amey makes ‘good progress’ on waste contract sales

Infrastructure services provider Amey says it made “good progress” on the disposal of its waste collections businesses in 2020 after announcing its intention to leave the sector last year. Amey UK plc published its accounts for 2020 yesterday (15 June). The company’s waste collections division’s revenue was £84.8 ...

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31 January 2001

First UK national composting week to start on April 29


The Composting Association is set to launch the first UK based Composting Awareness Week on April 29 2001. The event is already well established in Canada where it is in its sixth year. Now, thanks to the creation of the Composts ...

30 January 2001

Herridge appointed to run UK&#39s leading advocate of recycling and minimisation


Barbara Herridge has been appointed to run Waste Watch, the leading organisation that works with community groups, local authorities and industry promoting recycling and waste minimisation. She becomes of executive director of ...

29 January 2001

Court rules that flower pots are packaging and subject to PRN regulations


Flower pots are packaging, the High Court ruled today. The ruling, on an appeal by the Environment Agency, overturned a magistrates court ruling last year that flower pots were not packaging and so not subject to the Packaging Waste ...

29 January 2001

Agency promises consultation before SITA can reopen tyre plant


Tight operating standards and consultation with the local community has been promised by the Environment Agency if SITA applies to reopen its Wolverhampton tyre incinerator. The pledge comes in the wake of the prosecution last ...

29 January 2001

Recycling and minimisation crucial as waste volumes rise, says European Commission


The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a new environment strategy with priorities for the next ten years which will help shape a new policy on sustainable development. Resources and waste management are singled out ...

26 January 2001

Ainsworth replaces Mullin as junior recycling minister


Recycling and junior environment minister Chris Mullin has been replaced with Bob Ainsworth, MP for Coventry North East following the mini-reshuffle prompted by the departure of Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Mandelson.

26 January 2001

Report to London mayor calls for more recycling and minimisation


A new waste strategy for London will be published in March and is set to call for a fundamental change of attitude to waste in the capital with more minimisation and recycling. A strong indication of what could be in the ...

25 January 2001

Rochford residents balloted over 3 and 6 recycling and waste options


Rochford District Council is to survey 3,000 out of its 32,000 households to find out whether they want recyclable materials collected and whether they are willing to pay the additional cost in their council tax. The Essex ...

25 January 2001

Geological checks as Onyx wins Agency approval for Leicestershire landfill


The Environment Agency is proposing that, subject to certain conditions, a waste management licence should be issued to Onyx Landfill Limited to operate a landfill site at New Albion in North West Leicestershire. The proposal ...

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