News Sunday 9 May 2021
7 May 2021

Defra issues consistency consultation

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has this morning (7 May) released its delayed consultation on consistent collections in England. In the document, Defra confirms the proposal of free garden waste collections, a preference for more frequent than fortnightly collections in urban areas and weekly food...

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20 November 2000

Recycled copier paper forms trial procurement project for government


The purchase of recycled paper and a 40% paper recycling/recovery target for government departments were confirmed today as part of the greening government agenda. And, more details were released about the contract trials for procurement of ...

20 November 2000

Rockware directors resign from glass recycling company


The two directors of Rockware Glass on the board of the British Glass Recycling Company (BGRC) have resigned from it leaving United Glass as the only shareholder left on the board. The two are: Malcolm Vernon and Larry Mantell.

19 November 2000

Scrap buyers accused over voting policy in CEN committee


Non-ferrous buyers of scrap metal are treating the scrap industry unfairly in European negotiations over common standards, according to Anders Jungersen, president of the non-ferrous metal recycling organisation Eurometrec. He ...

17 November 2000

Non-ferrous industry gets specification guide from BSMA


Non-ferrous metals recyclers and all involved in metal recycling now have their own colour booklet with descriptions of grades and accompanying photographs. Produced by the British Secondary Metals Association, and called “...

17 November 2000

Onyx hands over restored 33ha site to Hampshire County Council


Confirmation of the south of England’s growing shortage of landfill sites has come with the closure and now full restoration of a 33 hectare landfill and waste recycling site east of Southampton. Hampshire’s Project Integra...

17 November 2000

BGRC breakup could see glass contracts passed to Biffa


Dramatic changes in the way glass recycling is organised in the UK are on the cards with the potential closure of the British Glass Recycling Company as it is now and the supply of cullet to United Glass taken on by Biffa Waste Services.

17 November 2000

Far East demand boosts non-ferrous sentiment, BIR told


Reports of good demand in the Asia-Pacific region for non-ferrous metals, including copper and aluminium, helped boost sentiment at the Bureau of International Recycling’s recent non-ferrous division meeting. BIR has released ...

15 November 2000

SITA buys United Waste Services


SITA has bought United Waste Services, it was announced this afternoon. The purchase creates a 480 million turnover waste business for the UK which is thought to be similar in size to Biffa Waste Services. Few details have yet ...

15 November 2000

Hewitt gives industry emphasis to Wrap at London launch


Business goods and services are to be targeted by the Waste and Resources Action Programme which was officially launched in London today. Patricia Hewitt, minister for ecommerce and small businesses, told the audience for the ...

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