News Friday 7 May 2021
7 May 2021

Defra issues consistency consultation

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has this morning (7 May) released its delayed consultation on consistent collections in England. In the document, Defra confirms the proposal of free garden waste collections, a preference for more frequent than fortnightly collections in urban areas and weekly food...

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14 February 2001

Recycling standards to be examined by WRAP


Standards and specifications for recycled materials are the latest issues to come under review by the Government-created Waste and Resources Action Plan, which says the quality of current standards “ranges considerably”. ...

14 February 2001

WRAP wins 10m funds in DTI white paper announcements


The Department of Trade and Industry has committed an extra 10 million to the new Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) on top of 2.5 million it has already agreed to spend. And, it has agreed to consider further year on year increases in...

13 February 2001

Scottish recycling rate downgraded to 5%


The huge task Scottish local authorities face in meeting the Landfill Directive’s targets has been increased by the latest Audit Scotland report which has downgraded Scotland’s municipal recycling rate to 5%. Changes ...

13 February 2001

Corus to spend 6 million on Brinsworth hot strip mill


Corus has approved a 6 million investment in hot rolling at its Brinsworth Strip Mills, a specialist narrow hot strip mill, located in Rotherham. Commenting on the investment, Nick Ballige,r director for Brinsworth said: “...

13 February 2001

Kent expands “War on Waste” to collect hearing aids for reuse


Kent County Council has introduced facilities at its Ashford and Shorncliffe household waste recycling centres to recycle hearing aids. This latest initiative for the county’s “War on Waste Campaign” will involve the ...

13 February 2001

BIR unveils database for checking status of controls on secondary exports


The Bureau of International Recycling has introduced a database facility on its website that allows European BIR member firms to access a fast cross-check of the control procedures and trade bans that apply for shipments of non-hazardous “...

13 February 2001

Onyx secures Wycombe Council work for hat trick of contracts


Onyx has been awarded a nine-year refuse collection contract by Wycombe District Council worth 2 million per year, following on from an existing contract.. Under the contract Onyx will work in partnership with the council to ...

12 February 2001

Rise in industry use of recycled materials to be sought by WRAP


Guidance for local authorities on the best way to collect recyclables as well as new ways to measure tenders for waste collection work, are proposed by WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme in the latest of its consultation documents...

11 February 2001

Valpak set to launch consumer website and looks ahead to vehicles directive


Valpak, the largest packaging waste compliance scheme, has confirmed it is looking beyond packaging and would like to be involved in a compliance system for end-of-life vehicles. And on the packaging side, it is soon expected to formally launch...

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