News Friday 7 May 2021
7 May 2021

Defra issues consistency consultation

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has this morning (7 May) released its delayed consultation on consistent collections in England. In the document, Defra confirms the proposal of free garden waste collections, a preference for more frequent than fortnightly collections in urban areas and weekly food...

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22 February 2001

Crewe firm fined 14,500 for special waste offences


Crewe-based LP Griffiths Limited, trading as Envirocare (NorthWest) Limited, has been fined a total of 14,500 by magistrates, with 6,485.14 costs, after admitting a string of special waste offences. The company's director, ...

22 February 2001

Pennon Group continues to weigh up future of operations including Viridor


Pennon Group plc which owns Viridor Waste and South West Water, has confirmed that a review of its operations is continuing at a time when sources in the City of London suggest that a sale of parts of the company, including the waste business is ...

22 February 2001

SITA bids to keep Bristol contract


SITA is attempting to renew its waste collection contract with Bristol City Council which is one of its most coveted contracts. Up to four other bids are expected to be submitted tomorrow when the deadline for tender submission closes.

22 February 2001

Recycling challenges


Session 1 : Recycling and Organic Waste ManagementSession 2 : Sustainable Waste Management InitiativesSession 3 : ...

20 February 2001

Waste Recycling Group outlines new geographical structure following expansion


Waste Recycling Group has outlined the scale of its operation following the 185 million purchase of Hanson Waste Management at the end of last year. The company’s waste operation now stretches from the south-west of England, ...

19 February 2001

Wales Waste Forum could propose voluntary recycling targets for local authorities


A separate waste strategy for Wales has come a step nearer following the discussion of a “Bare Bones” outline strategy, prepared by the Wales Waste Support Unit and presented to Environment Minister Sue Essex and the members of the Wales ...

16 February 2001

Economics remains the barrier to plastic recycling for ELVs


Work by the University of Brighton has confirmed that plastic HDPE bottles found in the domestic waste stream can be made into “high quality” products for the automotive industry. A research report by a University team ...

16 February 2001

Onyx admits hilly terrain helped prompt it to end Wycombe contract early


Onyx quit its waste collection contract with Wycombe District Council two years early after its low tender meant it ended up making a loss on the deal, it has emerged. The news comes only days after Onyx secured the new contract created in the ...

16 February 2001

Consideration of health issues delays decision over tyre burning at Wiltshire plant


The Environment Agency today put back a decision date for Blue Circle's application to permanently burn tyres in their cement works at Westbury, Wiltshire, in order to consider issues including effects on human health. The...

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