Commodities Friday 24 November 2017
3 November 2017

Mr Moffett loves the jobs you hate

As recycling shifts from a fashionable buzzword to a mandatory task set out by regulatory or legal bodies, commercial organisations are increasingly engaged in concerted efforts to improve internal waste management processes. Recognising such ...

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2 October 2017

High Quality Recycling Is Key


Even today with all the technology we have available in the recycling sector, too much business waste is ending up in landfill, costing the UK economy millions of pounds. A lot of this waste if managed correctly by organisations could be treated as a...

14 August 2017

How long will the doors stay open?


Adam Clover, director at Mick George Commodities, looks at the impact China's import ban will have on the global commodities market. On July 18, China notified the World Trade Organisation that it would stop accepting ...