LATEST NEWS Wednesday 20 November 2019
19 November 2019

Greens look to circular economy in manifesto

A Sustainable Economy bill, which would contain binding targets for recycling and waste management, featured in the manifesto launched today (19 November) by the Green Party. The manifesto for the 12 December General Election was launched at the scenic London Wetland Centre by joint leaders Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry and ...

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A research project in Sweden has suggested that householders who know the weight of their neighbours’ domestic waste generate less themselves. And, the professor behind the findings has said this could work as a new tool for ...

A second voluntary scheme for the collection of farm films in the UK has been announced by a group of plastic recyclers, just one month after another scheme was launched. This week (18 November) several UK-based collectors of farm...

Two businesses have launched recycling services for products which are not traditionally recycled through regular collection services. Leeds-based waste firm LSS Waste Management has set up the haircare industry’s ‘first...

The confidential waste arm of B&M Waste Services has achieved the British Standards Industry’s specifications for carbon neutrality for the second year running. Having adopted a “comprehensive carbon management plan”, B&...

Experts from across the waste industry, and one from the construction industry, have outlined their plans for the upcoming Health & Safety in the Waste & Recycling Sector Conference 2019. The morning session will be kicked...

Residents in Leeds will now be able to recycle pots, tubs and trays (PTT) and cartons via their kerbside collections. Leeds city council announced last week that it will expand the range of plastics it accepts – all ‘number 5...

Consultancy firm Eunomia has released a report looking at the recent procurement undertaken by the Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP), providing insight into what “made the tender a success”. The document – called ‘...

Plans for a €31 per tonne charge on the import of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for incineration in the Netherlands have passed through the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer). However, the Dutch Waste Management ...

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‘A need for waste wood rules and standards’

OPINION: 'To recycle or not to recycle – that’s the question': Replacing fresh wood with waste wood is a growing trend which is meeting political ... read more

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Local authority

It’s time to stop comparing apples with pears when it comes to waste collection technology, says Emmett Reidy, Business Development Director at Bigbelly.

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Waste Management

Neil Grundon, deputy chairman of Grundon Waste Management, says it’s time to embrace the positives.

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Waste Producers

In this latest blog, Biffa takes a consumer-style look into its ‘Super’ MRF in Edmonton and explains more about the role of the Materials Recycling Facility , how it operates and why it plays a vital role in Biffa’s and the UK’s recycling infrastructure.

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