Target Renewables Seeks Composting and Organic-Waste Sites

Target Renewables Ltd is a UK consultancy and project developer seeking involvement in existing compost and AD sites.   We are working with a team of strong, innovative, funders and technology partners in the organics sector.   The group seeks opportunities to become involved in operational commercial businesses.  Funding is available to develop existing sites, particularly composting suitable for upgrade.  In the first instance this is anywhere in the UK although other locations may be considered.   The group is particularly interested if the project:


  • Has existing waste streams (contract and / or commercial trackrecord)
  • Is fully licensed and permitted
  • Has scope for expansion
  • Would benefit from technical upgrading
  • Can be brought into the renewable energy sector


The Target Renewables group will consider various situations so long  as the project is ‘live’ and can be involved from partnership to buy-out, subject to Terms.

Please contact us in complete confidence for a no-fee discussion.

Target Renewables does not provide financial advice.

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