Plastics Friday 28 July 2017
21 July 2017

Retailers report 83% reduction in plastic bags

Today (21 July) DEFRA has reported that the 7 main retailers issued 83% fewer bags in 2016 to 2017 compared to the calendar year 2014. This works out as over six billion fewer bags than was recorded in 2014 by the Waste & ...


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25 July 2017

EU funding for black plastic sorting technology


Plastics recycler Luxus, Nordic processor Polykemi and plastics manufacturer One51 have secured a £1.29m investment from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for a project to sort black plastic waste. Horizon ...

19 July 2017

China confirms need to sort mixed papers


China has formally told the World Trade Organisation of its plan to ban certain imports of waste materials from the end of 2017. For the waste and recycling sector this is likely to impact on certain paper exports, textiles, metal...

17 July 2017

Coca-Cola backs changes to PRN system


Coca-Cola has thrown its support behind the idea of changes to the PRN system including support for materials to be recycled in the UK rather than overseas. Alongside last week’s announcement on a move towards a 50% recycled...

11 July 2017

Swansea roll-out reusable bags for plastics


A kerbside collection scheme with reusable recycling bags for plastic recyclables has been rolled out across Swansea, after a trial was carried out in parts of the city. Swansea council has provided households with pink reusable ...

6 July 2017

Vanden expands with Cambridgeshire plastic facility


Vanden Recycling has reached a ‘key milestone’ in the company’s expansion with the opening of a plastic processing facility for post-consumer material in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. The recycling company already collects and...

5 July 2017

Recycling schemes for cups and cards move forward


Progress on two separate recycling schemes has been reported this week: one for PVC store cards and a second for cup collections. A store gift card trial has seen one million PVC cards successfully recycled, resource recovery ...

27 June 2017

PackFlow 2025 gives four target options


Four ways forward for the UK's packaging waste system after 2020 were put forward in a study today (27 June) for the Valpak compliance scheme. On the agenda for discussion are proposals in 'PackFlow 2025', ranging from a "status ...

8 June 2017

Plastic film and mixed paper exports to China under pressure


Exports from the UK of recovered paper and used plastic film for recycling in China remain under pressure, in the face of a quality clampdown by Chinese customs authorities. On the paper side, the sector is facing difficulties ...

1 June 2017

Scottish committee to explore ‘cash for trash’


The Scottish Parliament has agreed that its environment committee is to explore a number of issues – including “cash for trash” incentives – to assess how Scotland might better manage waste. The Scottish Parliament has ...

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