Opinions Thursday 25 May 2017
24 May 2017

Hazardous waste export market ‘set for growth’

Totus Environmental’s commercial director for hazardous waste, Phil Thomas, discusses the export opportunity for UK waste management companies in the market. The disposal of hazardous waste within the UK via Incineration is ...


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10 May 2017

Round of applause for Bournemouth


Grundon deputy chairman, Neil Grundon gives his view of Bournemouth's decision to get tough with waste from houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). I think a virtual round of applause is due this week for ...

12 April 2017

Bad Riddance to Good Rubbish


Managing resources is a key topic for the waste sector but there are many aspects to it as a concept. Paul Frith, director of Frith Resource Management, and chair of the Midlands Centre of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management takes a ...

6 April 2017

Recharging battery recycling regulations


Robbie Staniforth, commercial manager at compliance specialist Ecosurety discusses efforts to meet battery recycling targets. It was the biggest non-secret in the waste and recycling industry when it was announced last ...

4 April 2017

Building brand value through recycling


Harvey Laud, chief executive of Helistrat, which is supporting the Investors in Zero Waste recognition scheme, discusses how the commercial benefits of improved environmental performance are often not fully realised.  ...

24 February 2017

Can a deposit scheme for bottles and cans work?


Phil Conran, director at environmental consultancy 360 Environmental offers his view on the recent debate about deposit return schemes for materials such as cans and bottles. The discussion about a potential deposit ...

14 February 2017

Why the European Parliament’s approach to recycling targets is wrong


Roy Hathaway, European policy adviser at the Environmental Services Association (ESA) offers his view on proposals to change the way that recycling is measured across Europe. The Environment Committee of the European Parliament ...

23 January 2017

Get everyone on board to boost recycling


Mathew Prosser, managing director of DS Smith UK’s recycling division discusses the need to get householders on board to boost the UK’s recycling performance. At a time when local authority recycling figures are ...

19 January 2017

Tackling confusion in plastics recycling


Steve Morgan, technical manager at plastics recycling body Recoup, looks at research into consumer attitudes to recycling of plastic packaging. In our recent research project (

5 January 2017

The next decade of organics recycling


Jeremy Jacobs, technical director of the Renewable Energy Association, assesses what 2017 and coming years holds for the world of organics in green waste and food recycling. In a world of uncertainty and turmoil, 2016  was no ...