4 March 2010

“UK’s largest” WEEE plant opened by environCom

The “UK's largest” WEEE recycling facility, offering the capacity to reprocess up to 100,000 tonnes of waste electrical equipment a year, has been opened in Grantham, Lincolnshire by reprocessor environCom.

The company announced yesterday (March 3) that it had opened the plant, less than three years after its previous operation in the town was devastated by fire (see letsrecycle.com story).

An aerial shot of environCom's newly-opened WEEE reprocessing facility in Grantham

An aerial shot of environCom’s newly-opened WEEE reprocessing facility in Grantham

Peterborough-based environCom said it had invested £10 million in technology and equipment at the facility, which offers four separate plants, each designed to deal with different waste streams and treatment processes.

The Spittlegate Level site can deal with all forms of WEEE, including more than 100 fridges, 100 TVs and 180 large domestic appliances an hour, and the company claimed that it was achieving recovery rates “well above” those required by the WEEE Regulations.

It also highlighted the repair and refurbishment work that was undertaken on-site, allowing equipment such as laptops and TV sets to be sold back into secondary channels.

Joe Quigley, environCom chief executive, commented: “Our Grantham facility is state-of-the art. We've invested £10 million in the most advanced technology and equipment to take into account current and future requirements.”

“Our recycling capacity is competitive with the biggest facilities in Europe and we intend to maintain our leading position as we roll out our expansion plans, which include the establishment of a footprint across the UK and then into Europe,” he added.


environCom's largest contract with a customer sending WEEE to the facility is with DSG International, which sends equipment collected via the take-back service at its stores such as PC World and Curry's to the facility under a five year deal.

WEEE is also sent to the facility by compliance schemes, councils and waste management companies and businesses.

environCom stressed the high recycling standards offered by its new facility, and compared it favourably to e-waste being sent overseas for treatment in “inadequate” facilities in the developing world.

The company also pointed towards the potential dangers posed to human health and the environment if hazardous substances contained in WEEE were not dealt with properly, and Mr Quigley said: “Our Grantham plant alone has the potential to tackle a significant portion of this growing problem.”

“We now intend to expand our operations across the country and to increase our partnerships with other retailers and producers so we can help tackle even more of the problem. We're proud to be part of the environmental solution that the UK so desperately needs,” he added.

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