LATEST NEWS Thursday 5 May 2016
Sheffield residents have three wheeled bins for residual (black), garden (green) and recyclable (blue) waste, as well as a blue container for paper and card. 5 May 2016

Sheffield opts against further separate collections

Sheffield city council has rejected the need to move to a separate collection regime for glass, cans and plastics, following a TEEP assessment which found that the switch would cost up to £2.9 million to implement. The city council, which through contractor Veolia provides a commingled kerbside service for the collection of dry...

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The Viridor Poll

Is Derby right to remove recycling points because of contamination?

Veolia is rolling out a new recycling service to homes across Southend-on-Sea 5 May 2016

Veolia rolls out Southend recycling collection changes


Veolia has begun the roll-out of a new recycling collection service in Southend-on-Sea, as part of a 15-year contract with the Essex council. The contractor took over the running of the collection service in the town from Cory in ...

16 london election cover image 5 May 2016

Mayoral candidates outline London waste policies


As Londoners go to the polls today (5 May) to elect a new Mayor for the city, letsrecycle takes a look at the four main candidates' policies on waste and recycling. Waste issues have not been at the heart of the London ...

Sainsbury's stores will be powered by AD energy 5 May 2016

Sainsbury’s uses AD gas to power UK stores


Sainsbury’s is powering a number of its UK stores with energy generated from anaerobic digestion (AD) through a partnership with food waste processor ReFood. According to the supermarket chain, the equivalent to 10% of its ...

Biffa's collection vehicles in Epping Forest now feature CCTV recording equipment 5 May 2016

Biffa aims to boost RCV safety with on-board CCTV


Biffa Municipal has installed CCTV monitoring and recording technology across its fleet of 50 waste collection vehicles operating in Crawley, South Bucks and Epping Forest, in a bid to improve health and safety. The vehicles have ...

A range of plastics are found in the sea (Picture: Shutterstock) 5 May 2016

The need to stop plastic ending up in the sea


The marine litter problem of plastics materials remains significant. Eunomia expert Simon Hann takes a look at the extent of the problem and at possible solutions In recent years, public awareness of the marine litter problem has ...

The Waen anaerobic digestion facility in north Wales supported by Iona Capital 5 May 2016

Funds ‘available for green infrastructure’


Funding is ready and waiting for waste related infrastructure projects, one London-based waste sector specialist fund manager has told There is an ongoing and significant ambition within pension funds and other...

The new Erema compounding line was installed at the site in late March 4 May 2016

Plasgran boosts compounding capacity with Erema investment


Cambridgeshire based plastics recycler Plasgran has invested £1.7 million in a new EREMA compounding system, to more than double the compounding capacity at its Wimblington plant. The addition of the new compounding unit at the ...

Refood 4 May 2016

News in Brief (04/05/16)


With news of: EnviroGrant anniversary; Dementia friendly recycling; new legal service for the waste sector; Reading collecting electricals kerbside, and; ReFood design competition winners.

Falkirk is one of several local authorities to take a proportion of its recycling service in-house in recent months 4 May 2016

Councils facing tougher rules on ‘in-house’ services


Local authorities operating ‘in-house’ services such as waste collection could be required to provide ‘greater transparency’ over the cost of the services they provide, under new rules being drawn up by the government.

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News last week that Air Products is to exit the energy from waste sector has come as little surprise to many in the waste industry. “It was inevitable,” tweeted Jarno Stet, waste services manager at Westminster city council...


The latest set of recycling figures shouldn't prompt a panic but they certainly merit a scrutiny of current strategies and approaches. Over the years there have been variations in the amount of green waste collected and this has ...

25 November 2015

Sweetening the pill

The Chancellor’s announcement today that Defra will be spared some of the heavy cuts envisaged over the next five years will cause many in the waste industry to breathe a sigh of relief.