National Association of Waste Disposal Officers

This page contains contact information for NAWDO, the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers. NAWDO is the primary network for senior waste managers at Local Authorities with statutory responsibility for Waste Disposal. (see below for contact information)


Role of the Association

The Association exists for the benefit of its members and seeks to:

1. Represent members’ general views to other bodies and organisations.
2. Promote NAWDO as a professional body to be consulted with on all relevant legislation, and provide representation on national and strategic groups to inform and influence key stakeholders and resulting policies, guidance and procedures.
3. Enable members to easily contact other members to be able to share information and explore issues with the aim of being able to benchmark performance and identify best practice.
4. Provide fora such as quarterly meetings and a website, to allow members to discuss various topics with a wide range of other members and other relevant organisations/bodies and Government Departments. Such fora will also facilitate understanding of key drivers on waste, recycling, resource management and environmental sustainability.
5. Highlight to members any changes or potential changes that may impact on them, thus enabling members to keep abreast of any such changes.


NAWDO Contacts:


Claire Brailsford
Head of waste management, Derbyshire county council


Gurbaksh Badhan
Head of waste management, Buckinghamshire county council


Nigel Shilton
Head of Service – Design and Delivery – Environment & Waste, Leicestershire
county council


Jarno Stet
Waste services manager
City of Westminster, London


Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Tony Norris
Waste services manager, North Yorkshire county council

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