Compactors & Crushers

Compactors and Crushers: there are differences within the recycling and waste handling industry over the terminology involved with the term ‘crusher’ and some companies consider compactors to be crushers.compact1

Compactors and crushers can be static or portable and also include simple compression units as well as jaw crushers
more for construction material.
Specific designs are also used for wet materials such as food waste and organics and some units are designed to operate on a small footprint  while in contrast, others can handle high volume of feedstock.




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Kenburn We supply a comprehensive range of waste compactors
for sale, lease or hire including portable and static compactors from
leading German manufacturers Bergmann and Avermann. If you’re spending
more than £50 per week on your waste management costs we’ll find a solution
to save you money.




Bergmann are constantly developing machinery to
improve your efficiency, reduce operator times and
your carbon footprint.

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